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Top Ten Reasons The Ford F-150 Is the Truck For You

Top Ten Reasons The Ford F-150 Is the Truck For You

1. Legacy

If you grew up with a television, you grew up hearing “Built Ford Tough,” and there’s a reason for that. Ford F Series trucks are continuously the top running truck on the market, and driving one makes a statement about an awareness of quality, and brings you into a legacy spanning generations of drivers. You won’t be the only Ford driver on the road, but driving a Ford truck isn’t about proving that you’re an individual, you already know that, it’s about knowing what a quality truck is, and driving it.

2. Variety

Ford trucks are some of the most customizable vehicles on the market. They range from an everyday work truck, to a show piece. When you’re visiting our website and trying to check out exactly what you want, remember that a Ford F Series can come in tens of thousands of varieties. Some of them are just aesthetically pleasing, you can choose everything from the color of the paint job, to the color and material of the seats, but that is just the first level. You also get to choose your powertrain, and make real decisions about whether or not you need a truck that gets you from point a, to point z at 290 horsepower, or whether or not you need the Ford Raptor’s 450 horsepower, which will drag the statue of liberty from point a, to any point you choose. You also get to choose the size of the bed of your truck, which is the heart of the F series. From 5 to 8 ft you really get to focus in on what your business or family needs are when you’re choosing a Ford Truck. Finally Ford Trucks aren’t your Granddaddy’s trucks, the cabs range from 3 passenger classics, to six passenger family trucks.

3. Technology


Though we are going to touch on this in a few of our other reasons, namely performance, and safety, you can’t beat Ford when it comes to tech. Whether it’s driver assistive technology, phone syncing, or just plain old entertainment Ford Trucks come with all of the bells and whistles you could possibly want.

4. True Grit

Our motto was “Built For Tough” for a reason. When you come to our Dealership and buy a Ford F Series you’re buying a car that is going to last you decades if you treat it right. It has consistently been pound for pound the toughest, and strangers truck on the market. 

5. Beauty

Not everyone thinks a truck can be beautiful, but not everyone’s made to drive a truck. Ford Trucks combine power with a sharp design; giving our trucks a look that says we’re here to get business done. In addition the new Ford F Series trucks stay beautiful longer, they’re guaranteed to never rush.


6. A Truly Safe Drive


Not many trucks can say they’ve earned as many safety awards and high safety rating as the Ford F Series. It isn’t just about the lightweight/durable design of the Ford F Series, its about the brake assist, the airbags, the breaks, the traction control and stabilizers, the turn signal indicating side mirrors, and everything else that comes… the basic package. We designed a Truck that doesn’t just get you to where you’re going, but gets your there safe and sound.

7. Power


Earlier we talked about the Ford Raptor’s horsepower, but it deserves a little more focus. The Ford Raptor has several different driving modes, for just about any environment you can imagine. It has the suspension you dream about when you’re driving up a mountain, and the locking rear differential and the downhill descent control you need when you’re driving down it. And if you’re that guy cursed to push a rock up a hill, The Raptor’s ability to tow thirteen thousand pounds, and haul three thousand three hundred pound in its’ bed is probably what you dream about. 

8. Luxury


You probably don’t think about comfort when you’re choosing your truck, but you should. Hard work doesn’t need to be painful. The Ford F Series comes with choices like heated and cooling seats, dual climate control systems, remote starting, and the kind of seats you want on a long distance trip. 

9. Versatility 

Ford Trucks aren’t about power, they're also incredibly graceful, and come equipped for a variety of situations. Ford F Series have a tight turning radius, and even have amazing gas mileage. If you choose the Ford F 150’s V6 EcoBoost, you’ll get around 19 miles to every gallon when you’re city driving, and you’ll get over 25 mpg on the highway. Those aren’t truck numbers, and we’re proud of that. 


10. Service

Ford is a family owned business, and even though you might think of us as a mega corporation we still pride ourselves on service. From making sure our safety features are there to protect families, and giving options like 360 degree cameras, to making sure our service department reflects that reality. When you need us we’re here to support you. Come in and ask us anything you need to, and come see what it's like to be treated like family.

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