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Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE vs Cadillac CT4 Sport

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE vs Cadillac CT4 Sport

Toyota is one of the best car manufacturers and has been doing wonders for the world for a long time. On the other hand, Cadillac has been doing the same for every individual. Both of the companies have upped their game in upgrading and updating their vehicle fleet. They have been working on their SUVs, sedans and whatnot. 


Here, you will be reading about the best sedans of these two companies. The first is the Camry Hybrid XLE, and the other is Cadillac GT4 Sport. Read about these two sedans below, and you will get to know which will be ideal for you. Keep going! 


Toyota Camry Hybrid:

Toyota Camry Hybrid is a combination of practicality, value and performance. It has a sleek and stylish design which looks outstanding. The interior and exterior of this car are what most people love. Many people pick this sedan over any other option that is available in the market. 


There’s a reason why this car has topped the charts and earned its way as the number-one selling passenger car. This is an amazing option if you are looking for a 4-door sedan which is ideal for your family trips and grocery runs. Camry has always taken the cake when it is compared to its competitors because of the amalgamation of performance, comfort and efficiency. 



Camry comes with many engine options, but this variant has its own class. You can opt for the four-cylinder engine, which is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. If we talk about the XLE Hybrid, it has a 2.5L straight-four engine which is mated with hybrid motors and is mated with the CVT transmission. It is able to push 208 horsepower on the dyno, and all the power is going on the front wheels. 


The mileage is pretty good for many people out there. You will get 46 MPG in the city and 47 MPG on the highways. 


Interior and Other Features:

If we talk about this car’s interior, it has a spacious cabin which looks splendid. The stylish design is done perfectly for a 4-door sedan. You can go for the ash, black and macadamia-colored perforated leather seat trim. The seats are pretty comfortable, and you won’t feel any type of fatigue, even if you are hitting the roads or going on long journeys.


Other features like the heads-up display, navigation system, and steering wheel audio controls are optional, and you can pick them as per your needs. Moreover, the adaptive cruise control will help you on long roads. You can pick the sunroof or the moonroof as per your needs. 


On the other hand, the infotainment features are quite interesting. You can use the Bluetooth connection to connect your iPhones or Android phones. The premium sound system, which is optional, would do wonders for you if you want to listen to your favorite album on the go. 


Cadillac CT4 Sport:

Cadillac’s sedans have always turned heads because of their striking design and stylish rear-end and front-end. On top of that, the performance of these cars is totally wonderful. The company has always ensured a sedan that would do wonders for enthusiasts. Whether they are going for a grocery run or a ¼ mile, they would floor the car all the way to the destination. 


CT4 Sport is what you need for your car driving experience. Thinking of hitting the roads in an awesome-looking car? This will be an incredible option for you. The icing on the top is the massive engines pushing some good numbers on the dyno and rear-wheel drive capabilities. 



Since Cadillac gives you the option to pick the sedan as per your needs, potential buyers can also choose between two turbocharged four-cylinder variants. Meanwhile, this variant comes with a 2.4-liter engine which is able to push 237 horsepower, and it is paired with eight-speed automatic transmission. All of the power is going on the rear wheels, and it will give you 23 MPG in the city and 34 MPG on the highways. 


The braking system is pretty much responsive. Overall, the driving experience is wonderful, and you will love driving this car around the town or taking it on long journeys with your family. 


Interior And Other Features:

The interior of this car is pretty simple and straightforward. It is offered in full-black color and looks amazing for people who like simple things. The cabin has an ample amount of space for the driver and passengers. The fabrics and textures used in this car are made up of high-quality.


There are many optional luxury and tech features that you can choose as per your needs. All of the variants are equipped with an 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, which has the latest CUE software in it. Moreover, passengers and drivers can connect their phones via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There’s an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot on the car which you can use.


Cadillac offers navigation for every variant. And it has a 14-speaker Bose stereo system inside it. You can enjoy your favorite songs, listen to podcasts and do much more with them when you are going somewhere. 


The driver-assistance features are the icing on the cake of this car. It will let you use high-tech Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving mode. You can use the standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection when you are roaming in the city. The lane departure comes in handy for people who are always on the city run. 


Final Thoughts:

Toyota’s Camry Hybrid XLE or the Cadillac’s CT4 Sport – the choice is yours. Pick the one that suits your budget and needs. You can go for the one that ticks all the boxes for you and gives you an incredible driving experience. Speaking of experience, you can take them for a spin at our dealership. Drop by Keller Used Cars, which is located at Keller, Hanford, CA or drop a message or ping us at 559-236-5973. We’ll get back to you! 


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