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How To Keep Your Car Organized And Tidy

How To Keep Your Car Organized And Tidy

Are you irritated with organizing your car every day and it seems like a never-ending itch for you… Not anymore! These tips will make things much easier and organized inside your car so that you can focus on spending the time while you are inside your car.

1. Place silicone muffin cups at the bottom of each cup holders to keep the dirt and grime free

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It’s an awesome idea from One Good Thing BY Jillee:

She says “My favorite, simple car organization hack is to place silicone muffin cups in the bottom of my cup holders. If they get sticky or dirty I just throw them in the sink or dishwasher, put clean ones in the car, and save myself the frustration of cleaning the gunk out of the cup holders.”

2. A lovely tip to save candies from melting on the go

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This tip came from MommingHub and was a wise and lovely tip to keep the candies solid and the kids happy on the go. But she warns to make sure that they don’t get stuck in the vent or go down inside it.

 3. Use your old plastic cereal container as a mini trash can

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This one is a pretty commonly talked about the hack but it’s a brilliant idea to use the old cereal containers as a mini trash can (perfect for a day’s trash).  Your car will be neat and clean and you can dump out everything once you are back at home. Pretty easy and cool! Line it with a small-sized garbage bag to prevent spills from empty juice packs or anything similar.  It’s again from MommingHub.

4. Get a Car Visor Organizer to keep essential items organized and handy.

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You need essential items like your sunglasses, pen, charger, earphones in front of you for easy access. But it can untidy your dash. Instead, use a car visor organizer and put all the essential items in it. It’s also within your arm’s reach and will give your car’s front seat area a more organized look. You can either buy it online or even DIY it just like

 5. Use an expandable folder to keep your glove box organized

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Is your glove box all messed up with important documents, different receipts, and bills? Organize them all inside an expandable and tabbed folder. This will help you to sort out your documents into categories and it’ll take much less time to find them when you need. You can segregate them into different tabs such as registration, insurance cards, service bills, etc.

 6. Use Zippered bags to put soiled or wet clothes

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Soiled or wet clothes can be a real mess in your car. It can start to stink awful and can also make your car seats or flooring wet and dirty. Just keep them in a zippered bag to keep the dirt and smell locked inside. You can then dump it into the washing machine as soon as you reach home.

7. Use Climbing Carabiners to hang bags & umbrella

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Instead of just piling the handbags on the seat, why not hang them by the back of your seat. It’ll be more organized. It’s also easier to find stuff when the bag is in front of you hanging stiffly. You can also use the carabiners to hang umbrellas also in case the weather is not good outside your car. This tip was found from HGTV.

8. Store loose change in a pill bottle

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Are coins tingling and falling on your car floor every time you take a turn. Collect them all in a pill bottle to avoid that noisy mess. This wonderful idea is from PopSugar.

9. Use a shower caddy to organize car fluids

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You already have big saver gallons of fluids lying in your garage but what if you need them on-road. Just carry small bottles of fluids in your trunk well-organized in a shower caddy. You can secure it to the trunk wall by using a small strip of heavy-duty hook and loop tape so that it doesn’t fall in transit. This useful tip is again from HGTV.

10. Use a coffee cup to store tissues and get rid of that stereotype cardboard-box

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This is a unique tip to keep tissues differently. Throw away that old-fashioned cardboard-box for tissues and use a coffee cup instead. It takes lesser space plus looks funkier. You can get the full DIY tutorial from Infarrantly Creative here.


Final Word

Those were ten tips for organizing your car better.  These are focused around everyday organizing problems that you face inside your car. The solutions have been collected from different experts and they have been sourced. Do check them out and let us know how you found them. Also, implement them in your daily life and let us know the difference. You can drop your comments below in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!

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