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GMC Sierra 1500: What's New In The 2024 Model

GMC Sierra 1500: What's New In The 2024 Model

The 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 is here, and it brings with it several exciting updates and enhancements that make this full-size pickup truck a compelling choice in the competitive market. Known for its robust performance and versatility, the Sierra 1500 has consistently impressed drivers and critics alike. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the key changes in the 2024 model, its pricing, performance, interior features, safety technology, and why it's worth considering for your next truck purchase.

An Overview

The GMC Sierra 1500 is often regarded as a close sibling to the Chevy Silverado, but it manages to carve out its unique identity, especially in terms of exterior design and some exclusive features. In the 2024 model, GMC has made significant revisions, refining and elevating the Sierra 1500's capabilities.

Notable Additions And Revisions

New Wheel Options And Colors

For the 2024 model year, GMC has introduced two new wheel options so that buyers can customize their Sierra 1500 to their liking. Wheel design can play an important role in the overall aesthetics of a truck, and these new options provide more choices for personalization. Moreover, new exterior colors like "Downpour Metallic" and "Thunderstorm Gray" bring fresh and contemporary choices to the Sierra 1500 lineup, giving buyers even more ways to make their trucks stand out.

Introducing TurboMax Engine

GMC has taken a distinctive approach by giving the 310-horsepower turbocharged 2.7-liter inline-four engine a new name, TurboMax. This rebranding adds a unique touch to the 2024 Sierra 1500, enhancing its character and appeal. The TurboMax engine delivers both power and efficiency, making it a practical choice for those seeking a balance between performance and fuel economy.

Performance And Towing Capacity

The GMC Sierra 1500 has always been known for its impressive performance, and the 2024 model is no exception. With a diverse range of engine options, buyers can tailor their Sierra 1500 to their desired level of power and efficiency. 

  • Turbocharged 2.7-liter Four-Cylinder: This base engine produces 310 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque, paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.
  • 5.3-liter V-8: This V-8 engine option delivers 355 horsepower, providing robust performance for a wide range of tasks.
  • 6.2-liter V-8: For those seeking even more power, the 6.2-liter V-8 generates 420 horsepower, ensuring ample capability for towing and hauling.
  • Turbocharged 3.0-liter Duramax Diesel: Known for its torque-rich performance, this diesel engine produces 460 pound-feet of torque, making it an excellent choice for those who require strong towing capabilities.

All three engines are mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission for smooth and efficient power delivery. In performance tests, a loaded Denali Ultimate model with the 6.2-liter V-8 accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds, showcasing the Sierra 1500's impressive acceleration.

When it comes to towing, the Sierra 1500 shines with a maximum conventional towing capacity of 13,200 pounds when properly equipped. This makes it one of the top contenders in its class, capable of handling a wide range of trailers, boats, and equipment.

Interior Comfort And Technology

The interior of the 2024 Sierra 1500 is designed with driver comfort and convenience in mind. The controls are intuitively placed, making it easy for the driver to access essential functions while staying focused on the road. As you move up the trim levels, the quality of materials and available features improve.

Starting with the SLE trim and above, a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel becomes standard. This digital display adds a modern touch to the cockpit, providing important vehicle information at a glance. For those who opt for the upper trims like the Denali Ultimate, the interior reaches new heights of luxury. Open-pore wood trim and an abundance of leather-covered surfaces create an upscale atmosphere that rivals luxury sedans.

One standout feature in the Sierra 1500 is the available trick tailgate, which offers multiple configurations for added convenience. Additionally, GMC offers a class-exclusive carbon-fiber-reinforced cargo bed that is both lighter and stronger than traditional steel beds. This innovative feature enhances the Sierra's utility and durability.

Infotainment And Connectivity

In the technology department, the 2024 Sierra 1500 continues to impress. Most Sierra 1500 models feature a massive 13.4-inch touchscreen that serves as the central hub for the truck's infotainment system. This larger screen not only looks impressive but also offers enhanced usability. 

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: These smartphone integration features are standard, providing easy access to your favorite apps and content.
  • Built-in Google Software: The infotainment system includes built-in Google software, allowing users to access an app store, maps, and a voice assistant. This feature enhances convenience and connectivity.
  • Premium Audio: An available 12-speaker Bose audio system delivers high-quality sound for an immersive listening experience.
  • Wireless Phone Charging: For added convenience, wireless phone charging is available, ensuring that your devices stay powered up without the need for cords.

Safety And Driver-Assistance Features

Safety is a top priority in the 2024 Sierra 1500, and it comes equipped with a host of standard driver-assistance technologies to help drivers stay safe on the road. 

  • Forward-Collision Warning and Automated Emergency Braking
  • Lane-Departure Warning and Lane-Keeping Assist
  • Blind-spot monitoring and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Moreover, the Sierra 1500 offers advanced off-road assists, including Terrain Mode, which enables one-pedal driving in low-speed off-road scenarios. For those who frequently tow trailers, the Sierra can be equipped with a multi-camera system that provides various views, including one that allows the driver to see through a trailer. This feature is particularly valuable for safe and precise towing.

Wrapping Up

The 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 builds on its strong legacy with a range of updates and enhancements that enhance its appeal. With a diverse selection of powertrains, impressive towing capabilities, a comfortable and luxurious interior, and advanced technology features, the Sierra 1500 continues to be a formidable contender in the full-size pickup truck segment.

Whether you're seeking a dependable workhorse for job site tasks or a comfortable and feature-rich vehicle for daily commuting and adventures, the Sierra 1500 has something to offer. Come straight to Keller Used Car and book your Sierra 1500 today. We have an extensive new and used inventory featuring all your favorite cars. Visit us today and become a proud owner of your car.

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