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5 Used Cars That You Can Get Under $35,000

5 Used Cars That You Can Get Under $35,000

Many individuals throughout the year think of getting their hands on a new vehicle after selling or trading their old vehicle. People want to enjoy a new experience that will take them to new places with new adventures. Most people go for used cars that are pre-owned and they are immaculate condition. 


Some of the vehicles are from top manufacturers’ pre-owned inventory that has low mileage on the odometer, and they are an ideal choice for many people out there. If you have plans for getting a car under $35,000, then you are at the right place. We will be listing down the used cars that you can get your hands on. Keep reading! 


2022 KIA K5 GT-Line:

KIA has been blessing the car industry with the best entry-level and mid-level sedans that are ideal for families. Enthusiasts can also get these sedans for a better driving experience. K5 is one of those sedans that has been the talk of the town for a good time. Many people opt for this sedan because it has an incredible design with an aesthetically pleasing design. The cabin room is pretty much spacious, and a family of 4-5 persons can easily be accommodated in it.


It comes with many options for the interior that you can choose from. There’s LED interior lighting inside with a navigation system that is able to get connected to your Android or iPhone. Use the Android Auto or the Apple CarPlay for this. Moreover, other features include forward collision avoidance-assist, forward collision avoidance-assist, junction turn, and many more safety features.


Owners will get 27 mpg on their cruise in the city and 37 mpg on the highways if they are planning road trips with the family. The 1.6-liter 4-cyl engine, which is mated with an 8-speed automatic and front-wheel drivetrain, makes it easier for the drivers to gain control of the car. 


2022 Nissan Maxima SV:

The second on this list is Nissan’s Maxima SV. This model has been the right option for many people out there. Most individuals pick Maxima as their family car because it comes with a fuel-efficient engine with a set of amazing features. There’s a 3.5 6-cyl gasoline engine inside this model that is mated with the CVT transmission, and all the power is going on the front wheels, which makes it the best sedan for many reasons.


Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the infotainment system with eight speakers to groove with the music on your journeys. Connect it with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to enjoy a seamless experience. The car comes with automatic temperature control with front dual-zone AC with power seats to give you maximum comfort during your trips. 


2022 Hyundai Sonata:

Hyundai is one of the best car manufacturers in the world. The company is known for its entry-level sedans, mid-level sedans, and SUVs. It has been serving the car industry for a long time, and they have always come up with amazing vehicles for their customers. Hyundai’s Sonata is an ideal sedan for many families out there. 


The seating capacity lets you accommodate 4–5 people inside the cabin with full comfort. On top of that, fuel-efficient engines are the best. They will be giving you a good miles-per-gallon on highways and cities that you will be able to take your families to new places. The quick-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission with shift-tronic capabilities will let you enjoy a good ride every time. 


On the other hand, Sonata comes with an infotainment screen that can be connected to your iPhone or Android phone. Use Android Auto on your Android phone or Apple CarPlay on your iPhone to connect your phone to the system. Moreover, it has ABS brakes with 4-wheel disc brakes. There’s a set of safety features that include brake assist, electronic stability control, and more. 


2022 KIA Forte:

KIA Forte is one of the best compact sedans that comes with a sleeky design with outstanding aesthetics. It comes with fantastic value for money, and the features will surprise you. The driving experience on this sedan is superior and comfortable, and you will love taking this sedan to new places and new journeys. 


The interior is pretty good and straightforward. You have everything in front of you, and you can enjoy an extensive list of features inside the car. There’s an infotainment system inside it which can be connected to your Apple iPhone or Android phone. Control the infotainment using the steering wheel-mounted audio controls. On the other hand, the 4-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock braking system capabilities stop the car quickly.


Inside the hood of this car, there’s a 2-liter straight-four gasoline engine that is mated with the IVT transmission, and all the power is going on the front wheels. This car is able to give you 39 mpg on the highways and 29 mpg while you are cruising in the city. 


2022 Toyota Camry SE:

Since we have mentioned sedans from renowned brands, how can we miss Toyota Camry in this list? It is undoubtedly the best sedan that has made its way to the USA. Camry is one of the middle-size sedans of Toyota that comes with a bigger engine ranging from 2.0L to 3.5L. The best thing about this sedan is that it gives you incredible mileage on the city and highway. You will be getting 28 miles per gallon in the city while 39 on the highways. 


Meanwhile, you will be getting a set of cool features that will make it easier for your driving experience. The four-wheel independent suspension is the main highlight of this car, with 4-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock braking system capabilities. Drivers can enjoy a power driver seat with smooth power steering for their driving experience.


Final Thoughts:

Getting a used car from Keller Used Cars will let you enjoy the vehicle. It will be a certified pre-owned vehicle that will come with low mileage, and it won’t give you issues in the longer run. Just keep the maintenance going from time to time, and you will be more than happy to drive these vehicles every day!


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