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10 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car in Hanford, CA

Now that you have decided whether you want to buy a new card or get your hands on the used one, consider half of your life sorted. Buying a used car is not a bad option. In fact, it’s a great start to get on the road with first-class vibes without paying a hefty amount for a new vehicle. 

But the question is would you find out whether the car you are going to purchase is in good condition, not just painted sleek, for a good first impression?

The checklist below in this blog will give you some basic idea about what features and aspects to consider before you purchase a used car in Hanford, CA.

Get The History Of The Vehicle

Your first task in checking the used car is to get all the history of it. You can thoroughly converse with its current owner about the vehicle as a part of your research. Other than this, you must identify whether the car has been through any accident, whether there are any liens on it, and if there are any recalls on the model.

Inspect The Rusty Body Parts

The next step should be walking around the car and paying meticulous attention to its body to identify rusty spots or paint chips. Although, small, localized patches of rush shouldn’t be a deal breaker because they can be fixed easily. However, if there are places where the metal is completely rusted, then you should reconsider your decision. 

For a spot-on inspection, get on your knees and look at the underbody with a flashlight. Keenly see the lower door and fender areas for paint bubbles that are mostly rusty. Lift the hatch and passenger cabin mats for further scrutiny, including flood damage.

Check For Frame Issues 

As you are walking around the vehicle, you must look for problems with the frame, if there are any. Things to must pay emphasis: is the car sitting level on the ground? Is there anything hanging from the undercarriage? Give a couple of minutes to identify the bumpers and sneak inside the trunk for new bolts or warping that could signal a recent accident.

Ensure If There’s Oil Leakage

You must be diligent and very cautious before purchasing and look for any oil fluids or leakages in the car. For better know-how, you can take a test drive and see if there are really any leakages. Some places where the vehicle can leak are the engine cover, hoses, seals, and under the car. If no leakage is found, consider your decision correct.

Identify Exhaust Smoke

Another important thing to look out for in the used car in Hanford, CA, is exhaust smoke. You must beware that there is a thin line between smoke and steam coming out of the exhaust pipe of a car. The latter is a usual business in the winter and does not imply that your vehicle is malfunctioning. Also, note that there are three types of exhaust smoke. Namely white, blue, and black. The one that comes out when the engine coolant leaks due to the burnt engine is called the white smoke. Secondly, when the engine oil burns in the combustion chamber of the engine, it indicates blue smoke. Thirdly there is black smoke that usually comes out of the exhaust pipe, mainly when the vehicle is burning too much fuel. Ensure to check for all these smokes before making a deal.

Don’t Forget To Check the Engine’s Condition

Checking the condition of your car’s engine can also help you in decision-making. For example, the engine oil must not be creamy or coffee in color because this indicates that the coolant has been mixed with the engine oil. For a better check-up, take the car for a test drive and examine the engine oil again. You can also open up the engine cap and check for sludge, which can specify defective parts of the engine.

Re-Check The Interior Electronics

Having the radio turned up and listening to your favorite songs are the little perks of having your car. Press some buttons to check if the stereo and other features of the electronic components are working well. Turn on the air conditioning and heat to check if there are working well or not.

Look For Unusual Noises While Test Driving

While test driving, experience the vehicle in and outside the city roads to identify unusual noises coming out of the car you are about to purchase. Purposefully, drive it on a rough road to recognize squeaks and rattles. In addition, you can use your natural weapon, i.e., nose, to sniff out any foul odors that help in determining the engine or transmission damage, an exhaust leak. Likewise, the mildew or mold smells also indicate that the car has been flooded or experienced leakage from the windshield, trunk seal, or sunroof.

Complete The Examination With Mechanic Inspection

Last but not least, if you think that this particular car is the car you have been looking for a while, then don’t forget to take it to the mechanic for comprehensive scrutiny. A good mechanic can only identify glitches in the vehicle at first glance that may become problematic for you in the future. We know it’s not free of cost, but it can definitely save you from spending huge bucks.

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